Worm egg counts

How do you know if it's time to worm your horse? Egg Scope offers a fantastic service. They post an easy to use faecal egg count collection kit out to you for $30 for one horse ($25 per horse for 2 or more horses) after analysis, a report will be emailed to you.


There is also the option of joining Egg Scope's yearly worm management plan for $15 a month per horse. This program includes:

Jan / Feb: Faecal egg count

Mar / Apr: Worming product posted to your door

May / June: Faecal egg count

Jul / Aug: Faecal egg count

Sep / Oct: Worming product posted to your door

Nov / Dec: Faecal egg count

Please contact Egg Scope directly to order your kit.  The kit comes complete with clear instructions, gloves, a bag for the sample, a card on which to record your horse's details and a reply paid envelope.You can purchase a kit from Egg Scope in the following ways

online: www.eggscope.com.au

Calling:  0412 585 734

emailing: eggscope@outlook.com.au

Once you receive results from Egg Scope, Stuart can enhance this service by providing further interpretation and advice on the best way to manage worm control in your horse


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