Horse, dog and cat vaccine bundle

March Special 

Stuart will visit* your property to vaccinate and deworm your horse and also your dog and cat at the same time! Prices (including GST) below:

  • Horse hendra vaccine: $125
  • Horse strangles and tetanus (2 in 1) vaccine: $47
  • Horse dewormer (broad spectrum): $20
  • Dog C3 vaccine: $77
  • Dog C5 vaccine (this is the normal vaccine plus kennel cough - needed if your dog is going to board at a kennel): $110
  • Dog heart worm needle: $ per weight
  • Dog dewormer: $ per weight 
  • Cat vaccine F3: $77 
  • Cat dewormer: $ per weight

* Travel fees apply, but we try wherever possible to group visits in the same area to reduce travel costs as far as possible *

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Tel: 0419 650 470  

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