The Sunshine Coast can be a tough environment for horses. At this time of the year, high ambient temperatures coupled with prolonged high humidity levels make for a difficult start to the competition season. Horses often sweat profusely both in training and competition, and electrolyte supplementation is essential to replace those lost from the body. Hinterland Equine Vet Services makes a simple but effective electrolyte replacer to ensure your equine athlete can continue to perform without the risk of electrolyte depletion. With a formula based on the elements lost in sweat (mainly Sodium, Chloride and Potassium), and without useless and costly fillers, flavor enhancers and coloring agents, our Electrolyte Replacer has been widely used for many years to help local horses compete successfully and keep healthy.

Hinterland Electrolytes come in 10kg buckets at a cost of $59.40 (including GST) per bucket. Based on an average use of 50 - 100 grams per day this means that one 10kg bucket will last one horse 100 - 200 days

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