Due to strong demand, we have extended and improved our Hendra vaccination reminder month offer.

**15% discount if you mention this ad and book in July**


***15% discount on your horse's second dose if you book a first dose in July***


You may have read about the recent confirmed case of Hendra infection in a mare that had lived in the Hunter Valley for the previous 6 years. This is the first recorded case of Hendra in this area, and the most southerly case recorded. Whilst Hendra virus infection is rare, this case highlights the random and unpredictable nature of the disease.  Hinterland Equine Veterinary Services strongly advocates vaccination as the only form of disease prevention.


Whilst we acknowledge that occasionally some horses show a significant localised reaction to the vaccine, if properly managed this is of little consequence.  The benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the catastrophic effect of this disease.


If your horse is due for their annual Hendra booster - please contact the clinic on 0419 650 470 to make an appointment for Stuart to vaccinate your horse.


Price (including GST):


Horse hendra vaccination per dose: $106.50* for July only. This routinely includes a brief clinical examination.


* Travel fees apply, but we try wherever possible to group visits in the same area to reduce travel costs as far as possible *



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